Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love/Hate Children's Music

Music. Some people are huge into music. 

I am not one of those people. 

I like music. I listen to it, have my faves and love (LOVE) to dance. But I am not musically adventureous by any means. I think I've changed the CDs in my car's 6 CD player about 3 or 4 over a year..and more often than not, those CDs are the same too: one or two Smiths and/or Morrissey, one CD I've come to hate in the past year (think Lenny Kravitz or Elvis Costello), a Cure CD, one CD that inevitably has too many scratches to play, one empty slot because I lost track when switching them out and then a "best of" (usually Elton John or Aerosmith). 

Brendan says I have horrible music taste, given my (dead for weeks) ipod has features ranging from Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake to 50 Cent to Depeche Mode. I also own an Air Supply CD. I think that might sum it up. 

So this whole thing is leading us into children's music. Suddenly, I'm picky. I'm opinionated. I have a few folksy fun CDs for him. A few German CDs (danke nochmals Elina!). And Laurie Berkner. Laurie Berkner for days. If you need some kid's music that won't drive you batty (and even might spark a tear), I highly recommend her. 

The Holy Grail of kid's music, for me, has not yet been obtained. During my nannying days, one family had this amazing CD. All the classics, sang in regular adult singing voices. I loved that CD and played it almost everyday. I have searched high and low for it, to no avail. So I got desperate. In a weak moment at Target, I decided to give this CD a try. It says it has all the kids songs I want. All the classics to sing to. But something else was there too, something I decided to ignore:
I'm not sure how this CD even ended up in my cart, I swear I wasn't drinking, had plenty of access to fresh air and haven't been feeling depressed. The CD cover is already annoying, what all happy suns and puppies and dancing girls in frilly pink dresses.

I popped the CD in the car stereo, thinking Brixton was really going to enjoy it and I would too. (Secretly knowing what was coming). The first song made me have to catch my breath a little bit. After the nasal sing-song voice explained to us that it's "a lot of fun to play like you're a teapot" and then told us the exact dance instructions for "I'm a Little Teapot", I found myself wondering if this was a good idea. 

Track two came on, complete with the adorable (read: horribly annoying) sounds of a spritely puppy barking playfully in the background. The Wheels On The Bus left me wondering where the verse was where Mommy threw herself under it. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star almost led to a panic attack and by the time Three Blind Mice came on (8 minutes in) I had a cracking headache. Still, this was all for Brixton right?  

But that voice. 

That high-pitched woman/child/cartoon puppy voice! Singing and ruining great songs, ruining my son's taste in music, ruining my life. By minute 9 I mumbled an apology to Brixton and quickly changed the CD to Beethoven, where I promptly started pretending I was drving in a luxury car commercial, clouds all puffy and bright, my hair perfectly coiffed, my IQ going up 20 points. (The reality being much, much different).

I tried the CD again today, lasted 30 seconds and actually heard Brixton's brain cells disentigrating.  Sorry, kid.

I need help! What kid's music do you listen to without gagging?


  1. I recommend The Dragonfly Races by Ellis Paul. It's an awesome folksy CD for kids. (And adults too.)

    We aren't to the point of kids music, or at least I'm not there yet, but this CD I listen to over and over, even sometimes when I'm driving in my car alone.

  2. Braden has always loved music, but personally I think that the children singing the songs are so annoying. My mom has Hap Palmer on her iPod for him and he loves it, it's kinda Raffi like. I got a personalized Veggie Tales CD for him when we were in Vegas and he loves that too! Just wait until Brix starts liking TV! I can't get the darn Thomas song out of my head!

  3. haha...we don't listen to kids' music around here. and now when gage asks to listen to pink floyd or my morning jacket, i am such a happy mama. :)

  4. "I tried the CD again today, lasted 30 seconds and actually heard Brixton's brain cells disentigrating. Sorry, kid."


    I'm with Deanna. We listen to regular rock'n'roll around here. I have noticed in the car Alexa becomes calm if I turn it to the "adult alternative" station, aka singer/songwriter fare like Feist and Jack Johnson. Not my fave stuff, but I can sacrifice if it means she will stop crying and nap in the car.

    The only "kid" CDs we have are Rockabye Baby lullabyes, which I highly recommend. No annoying singing. It's just music, and it's relaxing. I always turn them on at naptime at home. (Psst, I think they have an Aerosmith one.)

  5. Hi there. I'm a new to find other mommy bloggers. We have that cd and it also makes me equate driving nails thru a chalkboard. I really like Laurie berkner though for kids music. Would love if you want to visit my site and follow. ps, your son is adorable!?

  6. Just found your blog... you and your family are GORGEOUS!

  7. I can't stand kid music, BUT we did buy the They Might Be Giants: "Here come the ABCs, Here come the 123s and Here comes Science" dvds. They're pretty clever kids songs and I've actually caught myself singing them in the shower! The cartoons are pretty cute too. And since you're in my reader and saw your other post about missing those moments when you can just stretch on the couch-i'd recommend getting one of those dvds if I were you. It's the only 30mins I get alone all day to sip (YES, SIP and not chug) my coffee and read in the morning while my daughter watches and squeals to their songs. (here's one of their songs) and we don't feel bad about letting her watch TV if she's learning about nations :P

  8. Wow guys! Thanks for all of the recommendations..I will def. be checking these out!

  9. i like kimya dawson's album "alphabutt."

  10. i hate children's music and refuse to play it for Lily.

  11. OK, I know it's been a while since you posted this, and your little guy has moved on from the poke your eye out with a fork baby stuff...but we found refuge in anything Backyardigans (clever and catchy), the fabulous Laurie Berkner, and the Imagination Movers (with CD titles like For Those About to Hop, Juice Box Heroes, and In a Big Warehouse, you have to at least check them out!).


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