Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like October...

When I tell people that Brendan and I moved to Illinois via Denver via San Diego (where we lived for 10+ years) they always say the same thing in the same skeptical voice.  "Why did you move here?"

One of the best reasons I can think of is because fall here is glorious.  Pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn stalks, cold weather, geese flying south, hot apple cider.

San Diego might win the prize for best place ever, but the only pumpkin patch I remember seeing there was in the parking lot of the Mission Valley mall.  Wah-waaaaaah.  So, yes, this is the time of the year I gloat a little bit, though sometime in February I'll be begging friends to let us come visit.

Brixton has had a very busy social schedule lately.   It was interrupted by a week of home lockdown--he caught the Hand Foot and Mouth virus from a small baby friend of ours.  Has anyone else's kid had this?  I never heard about it until I moved to the Midwest.  Anyway, that kind of rained on our parade.  Now that his face doesn't look like he's been eating battery acid, I can take him out again without incurring 'looks'. 

Last weekend we visited the much touted Scarecrow Fest with one of Brixton's besties. 

 "And then I said, 'I don't like you mommy!' and I bit her on the hand like this."

Thomas, though shorter, is a lot faster. And therefore catches his prey more easily. 

 Brixton has a hard time establishing boundaries...

 ...but he can ride a pony like nobody's business.

We sweet talked our boys onto this ride.  36" was the requirement.  We were about an  inch too short.  We had to skip the carousel though.  Neither of us mommies could ride it.  Thomas' mama is pregnant and I would get violently sick.  We tried to tell the carnie that she wasn't really pregnant, that she just ate a really big breakfast.  It didn't work.

 Today it was really cold and windy.  And misty.  We hung tough though at the pumpkin farm.  We met up with Brixton's other bestie, Cade.  We roamed around, rode some rides, kicked a few pumpkins, snuck in to the child's playground (it was unmanned at the time), and went on a hayride through the haunted woods.  I'm glad it was daylight because if it were at night the hayride would have been too much for me and I would already have Brixton's first therapy appointment set up for tomorrow. 

  Gross. And cold.  And funny.

 I think we have at least one more pumpkin farm to visit, as well as 2 Halloween parties (maybe 3?) and of course the Big Day itself.  Brixton jabbers on and on about trick or treating..he has no idea about the candy part of it, which bodes well for me.  When a kid doesn't know the best types of candy bars, you really can just give them all the 3 Musketeers and they'll still be happy. 

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! We're still wearing shorts here, it's ridic. I cranked up the AC yesterday and made soup just to pretend like it was fall:( Brixton is super cute, I don't know how you can even handle it.


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