Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A New (Old) House For New Memories

I just finished an episode of The Cosby Show.  Brendan came in and said, "Are you really watching The Cosby Show?" and I was like, "shhhhh...Cliff's talking." 

While I deeply love TCS, it does tell you a little something about what's on (or not on) TV right now.

We moved.  Our 11th move in 8 years of being together.  This time is a bit different.  We bought a house.  It has been a process.  One that started with a quiet whisper in June.  I had just moved Brixton to a different bedroom in our house and I was in full-on frenzy decorating mode.  Suddenly, this peaceful *thought* came to me: don't waste a bunch of time or money decorating this because we'll be moving soon.  I know it was God.

Anyway, it's been a long journey.  One including one failed house contract (actually the house across the street from the house we ended up buying!), two realtors, 3 mortgage lenders (with us switching lenders a week from our closing...).  Yikes.  Then of course, the packing, the getting our place rented out for our landlord, the coordination of a move. 

Move day came.  We know amazing people here.  7 guys came out to help us move.  The whole thing was done in less than five hours, with a scrumptious sandwich lunch on a bare hardwood floor. 

I love our new place.  We have tons of space.  We have almost two acres.  I saw a FOX this morning outside of our door (and I yelled so loud out of excitement I scared it away).  We moved out to more of a country setting so we get maybe one car an hour driving by our house.  It's dark.  Really, really dark.  Our living room windows don't even have coverings on them and we aren't getting any. 

It is a fixer upper.  We have a lot of work to do.  I can't explain to you how disgusting our bathroom situation is.  Let's just say the water here has a lot of iron, which makes rust stains in everything from the toilet to the shower.  And also the previous owners didn't clean before they moved out.  And I got the stomach flu two days after we moved in.  Hideous. 

We have a fireplace again though and I love having a crackling fire going on, especially on these cold nights.

On another note, my hair is getting so long.  I want to chop it off.   Long hair is great if you have beautiful hair.  My hair is average.  I dream of short hair.  But it's taken so long to get it this long.  I want long summer hair.  Ah, first world problems, right?

I want a new, simple, small camera.  I'm going to sell my Rebel and my 1.4 lens and my remote and all the other goodies.  It's been a great camera for the past five years, but it's big and hard for me to carry around.  Who has a small point and shoot camera they love?  Who wants to buy my camera? 

Maybe next time I won't be lazy and I'll include some pictures. 


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  1. Your new house sounds like my dream home. I always thought that I would buy a newly built house but recently I've dreamed about buying a fixer-upper especially one with a bit of privacy and land. I can't wait to read about your remodeling adventures.


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