Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asking For It

This picture has really nothing to do with this post.  While in Florida, my hair took a turn for the worse, based on some funky hair conditioner and humidity.  I felt like a lion and I looked like one too.  Brendan kept laughing at me and I really can't blame him.


We were in line for boarding when I heard the announcement.  "We will give the volunteer a $500 travel voucher, as well as pay for their hotel and food."

Well, hot dog.  Gather 'round friends and watch how this SAHM is going to make us a quick $1000 in travel vouchesr.  Yes, just watch.

  Without hesitation I grabbed Brixton, jumped out of line and headed over to the counter.  Brendan stood in line, his eyes wide and looking unsure.  I was sure.  I was finally going to contribute!!

"We will volunteer!" I said happily, thinking this idea was amazing and I must be the bravest most clever and resourceful wife/mom ever.  Turns out I was the stupidest.  All with good intent, of course.

In the end, the deal only worked out for Brixton and I, since Brendan had to be at a meeting.  The deal meant I had to stay in a hotel for 3 nights with Brixton, paid, with some food vouchers (they don't nearly give you enough).

Inside I kind of pooped a little.  3 days in a hotel room with Brixton?  Trapped?  I couldn't back out now, not only was the guy processing the paperwork, but about 25 people were staring at me.  

I put on my brave face, especially in light of the fact we had only the clothes and bags that were with us, i.e., no diapers, no stroller, no clothes, nothing.  I made Brixton an extra absorbent diaper by folding together a few washcloths and then making him some plastic pants out of duct tape.  No, no I didn't.   Day two turned into hell.  I just wanted to be home.  Day three took some major deep breathing to get through.  And then we found out our flight home on Monday was cancelled and wouldn't be rescheduled until Thursday.

Wah wah.

And they weren't paying for the hotel or food anymore.


Luckily, my MIL rescued us and took us back to her house for the last few days, even giving me several hours "off" in order to lay in bed and binge watch The Tudors.  Refreshing, indeed.

Here are some tips if you ever find yourself stranded in a hotel room with  your toddler:

1.  Just don't do it.

Hour 53 or something in that same shirt.

Totally off topic, but I saw these whore-shorts in Nordstrom while in Florida.  They were for a 6-12 month old baby.  Appropriate? 


  1. I love the humor! And the insights you put into it. I will always remember not to surrender my slot. lol

  2. Ok, lesson learned. We all learned. I love the humor too..


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